Kachimeshi Indonesia has implemented four programs and is very proud to be the first Indonesian athlete entrusted to run this program together with athletes from other countries.

With other countries, the current program started in 2018, Kachimeshi programs in other countries concentrate on coaching athletes by offering Amino Vital products to support training. At that time, Amino Vital products were not yet available in Indonesia, so Ajinomoto Indonesia changed the program's concentration to focus on providing nutrition and Ajinomoto products with an objective to meet the nutritional needs of athletes through the "Sports Science" approach. Calculate in detail the ideal nutritional needs in the training process in order to achieve maximum results in the competition which is the main target for that year.

Just like what was done at the 2019 SEA Games, in 2022, the Kachimeshi Winning Meals Indonesia program supports my preparation for the 2021 SEA Games which will be held in 2022 due to the pandemic in Hanoi, Vietnam. in every preparation for training by this program until the culmination of providing support when the SEA Games were taking place in Vietnam some time ago. No half-hearted, Ajinomoto Indonesia sent a team to Hanoi, Vietnam to ensure the ideal presentation that I ordered every day until the day the match ended.

Nutritionists and Chefs daily correlate with coaches to bring together a demi-ordinated physical condition served through the most suitable food. The menu is prepared by Dapur Umami Ajinomoto and cooked with Ajinomoto spices, so that not only food with ideal nutrition is obtained, but also served through a menu that is very familiar to my taste. With this, I don't have to adapt to what is served by the local committee because the menu provided is very friendly from Indonesia and is always delivered on time and located in Vietnam, both at the competition venue, My Dinh Aquatic Stadium.

Breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner are served in such a way that the composition is 60% carbohydrates, 20% protein and 20% fat with a quota of sodium or cooking spices used a maximum of 2,100 grams per day. This composition was given by a Nutritionist provided by Ajinomoto Indonesia with the aim of providing energy through supply, maintaining immunity, focusing during matches, maintaining fluid balance in the body and energy after training after training in Vietnam. In addition, the Amino Vital product, which has been launched in Indonesia since March 2022, is also given for energy recovery so that you are tired after matches and training.

The Kachimeshi Indonesia team established a base of operations in Hanoi city, in an apartment that is fully equipped with a hygienic kitchen to cook the complete equipment needed. Chefs cook with complete attributes such as Hat Cook, Apron, Chef Jacket, Tie, Chef's Pants, Chef's Shoes and Small Towel every time they cook with the aim of maintaining food hygiene in the processing process. Ajinomoto's food ingredients and seasonings are grammatically calculated according to the composition given by a nutritionist so that in each serving, I take enough time without needing to increase the portion, making everything easy and practical. Food to be sent is also handled with hygienic delivery standards, put in special food containers that are inserted and then placed in airtight food storage so that food is ensured to be clean and free from germs where food is always received in ready-to-eat conditions.

Although this time I couldn't break the SEA Games record like in 2019, but until now the record for the 50 m backstroke is still recorded in my name and this support is thanks to the Kachimeshi Winning Meals Program support program. Thank you Ajinomoto Indonesia for supporting me, because thanks to this program I was able to bring home a medal to my beloved homeland, Indonesia.