I Gede Siman Sudartawa: The Role of Balanced Nutrition for Exercise and Daily Life

This month, the concentration of training to restore the body's condition is more focused. In addition to the physical and technical training provided in the coaching program, I have begun to focus on forming the ideal body composition to achieve the training targets given by the trainer. Through the Kachimeshi Winning Meals Indonesia program, Ajinomoto is very helpful in this process. Starting early December, the supply of nutritious food is again carried out as needed to achieve maximum training results.

The food that is sent to me every day is the result of a scientific calculation of daily energy requirements based on the pattern and volume of daily exercise that I do both in the pool and outside the pool. The training program made by trainer Albert Sutanto was then examined by Nutrisionis Emilia Achmadi to calculate the estimated average balanced nutritional needs that must be consumed through daily food, namely breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The training program and physical condition as of the beginning of December show that the daily nutritional intake needs are 3,300 KKal (Kilo Calories) per day or 1,000 KKal more compared to last June as a result of the increasing frequency of exercise every day. The formulation of this requirement in the form of food, more specifically, must be obtained from a combination of 40 percent carbohydrates, 30% protein, and 30% fat. Now, the next step of the Ajinomoto Indonesia team, through its nutritionist, Mr. Yoni Wibowo, will translate this into a combination of food menus that are calculated on grams presentation. This calculation is very detailed down to the details of the usage of Ajinomoto seasoning products which can be used to get a combination of nutritious foods that are also delicious.

Then the menu will be submitted to a professional food service provider who will cook according to the detailed calculations and delivered three times every day to my place of residence. Until now, this program has been running smoothly because the target body weight set by the trainer has been overtaken, and through the presentation of this meal, I feel that my body is in prime condition because the fatigue after practicing feels less than it was before the food was served. One more important thing is that the record time targeted by the coach can also be achieved according to the coaching plan.

It does take effort and discipline to achieve training targets, in addition to commitment and discipline in practice, commitment, and discipline in consuming food is also needed. We can see the point of view of the sports coach and nutritionist as well as the food menu that I consume through the article published in www.dapurumami.com/kachimeshi, the pattern of balanced nutrition is not only for athletes but also for everyone. Let's start a nutritionally balanced lifestyle that suits our daily activities.