How Kachimeshi Winning Meals helped my Training

Food is like fuel for the body that is used in daily activities, especially during training. The Kachimeshi Winning Meals program performs a careful calculation of nutritional formulations in order to supply energy so that they can undergo maximum training. The calculated portions and the grammatically weighted Ajinomoto products for ideal use, make food tastier and provide convenience for me. Simply finish all the food sent by the team without the need to add more portions. This condition is ideal, because I no longer need to think about what to eat, where to look for it, how many servings of each carbohydrate, protein and fat content is needed by the body for the required intake.

Serving food with the addition of a measured amount of seasoning is very important, because without it the food will taste bland and it seems as if my training load is getting heavier. With the Ajinomoto products provided, they present an 'umami' or savory taste so that I am more excited to follow a diet program that should be followed by an athlete.

What is the athlete's diet like? Of course, for maximum performance, the trainer has designed my training with the ideal body condition in mind. What is the ideal body weight, what is the minimum level of body fat that can be tolerated and which muscles must be trained for maximum achievement. In this context, myself as a short distance swimmer needs a burst of energy to reach the finish line in the shortest possible time. This all requires discipline in nutritional intake, should not eat foods with excessive salt, oil and fat levels that can affect the condition of the body. Excess salt intake results in slower muscle recovery and fatigue during exercise. In addition, you must also pay attention to regular eating patterns, where every day there are morning and evening training sessions that affect food portions. Breakfast should be sufficient so as not to vomit while doing morning exercises, supported again with snacks afterwards to partially recover energy and peak at lunch so that you are ready for the afternoon training session, again interspersed with snacks and dinner for total energy recovery.

So if you ask how the Kachimeshi Winning Meals Program helps my training program? The answer is to provide easy access to nutritious and balanced meals, wherever I practice. For information, the Winning Meals Kachimeshi team consists of my Coach, Nutritionist & Ajinomoto Party who compiles my menu variations and Food Service Providers who process food, who collaborate harmoniously to provide "important fuel for the body. Not only when training in Jakarta, but also when I train abroad, for example in the United States. The Kachimeshi team brings a nutritionist there and makes sure my food is managed according to the menu provided with Ajinomoto Products brought from Indonesia. Not only during training, when facing the SEA Games in the Philippines in 2019. , the Kachimeshi Winning Meals team specifically formed a post to support my food by bringing a Chef from Indonesia. And this has all been done since 2018, so this year is the fourth year I have received 'top grade' fuel support from Ajinomoto Indonesia.

The result? Exercise and body composition become better, preparation is more optimal than eating ordinary food that must be bought by yourself and get what the body needs, not what I want and also knowledge about ideal food is increased and becomes more skilled in determining nutritional ideal food when in the future it must provide alone. In terms of performance? The last time I broke the backstroke record for myself at the 2019 SEA Games.

I ask for your support and prayers so that this year, I can win a gold medal at the next SEA Games so that I can make history as the first Indonesian swimmer to win a gold medal 3 times in a row for the backstroke at the SEA Games.