What Is Kachimeshi Indonesia?

Ajinomoto Indonesia have a commitment to share experience to the public that meal is one of the key factors for people to enjoy a balanced lifestyle.

We achieve this through a proper meal portion based on their daily activities as the elaboration of Eat Well Live Well slogan of ours. The education needed a benchmark where people can see the measured result and with this objective a competent example must be involved. With this situation of course athlete is the most suitable example where his daily physical activities can be measured by a sports achievement as the cause for his or her trainings.

Kachimeshi which means “Winning Meals” is a program about how to properly provide meals to help prepare an athlete achieving his best performance through tasty nutrition-balanced food. The increasing athlete’s achievement whether through  the increment of his recorded physical performance even better through medals achievements can be a valid proof that beside physical and technical trainings, meal consumption as a nutrition intake process can help the body to perform its best performance. Furthermore, we, Ajinomoto, who took part in preparing the tasty Winning Meal is proud to be part as one of the contributors for the athlete performance through the nutrition-balanced meal provision. This is the background of the launch of Kachimeshi Indonesia program by us Ajinomoto Indonesia in 2018.

The program itself involved a Sports Nutritionist, an Indonesian top Swimming athlete, the Swimming Coach, and our own Ajinomoto Nutritionist. We provide the recommended menu design for the athlete to consume which already gone through the process of proper scientific calculation done by the Sports Nutritionist based on the detail needs of nutrition intake caused by the energy expenditure spent in the daily training program designed by the swimming coach.

This website is launched as our channel to share the experience of Eat Well Live Well through Kachimeshi Indonesia program which we had experienced for the past two years of implementation and our commitment to share the forward commitment. Hopefully, you can find this inspirational for your daily activities whether you came from sports communities or as a person who is looking for a balanced lifestyle.